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The Game Changer Conference

Conference Theme: 

"The World is Shifting Forward! Focus Forward and Compete."


Join us for a transformative experience designed to reignite and build the social-emotional wellness, confidence, and values our young males need. Tailored for African American and minority students from 4th grade to 12th, this conference is a beacon of hope and empowerment.




  • Date: Saturday, April 20, 2024

  • Time: 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

  • Location: The Universities at Shady Grove, 9630 Gudelsky Dr,
    Rockville, MD 20850

  • Transportation may be available through MCPS from your area.  

  • Safety: Masks are optional but recommended for added protection.

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The Game Changer Conference

Conference Goal:

To craft a “Game Changer” experience that reignites and builds the social-emotional wellness, confidence, and values our young males need to ascend to the next level and become a true Success Story. This conference is a beacon of hope and empowerment. We encourage young males to embrace a positive attitude and pursue academic excellence to reach their full potential, boosting High School graduation and College Readiness Rates.

Conference Theme: 

"The World is Shifting Forward! Focus Forward and Compete.

This year's theme encourages our students to see themselves as competitors in life's big game, where trying hard, being smart, and playing well lead to winning their dreams. It asks everyone to think about how they can give their best, aim high, and go after what they want in life with all their heart.

We aim to inspire and encourage our young males to compete academically and socially, showing them that their lives are valued, and their potential is limitless in this post-COVID pandemic era.

What to Expect: 

For Students: 

A variety of interactive sessions designed to equip students with essential life skills and knowledge.

  • Life Skill Stations (8 a.m - 9 a.m)

  • Panel Conversations with Inspiring Leaders

  • "What if I don't want to go to college?" Workshop

  • STEM Exposure Experience

  • Essay Contest: “Being a Competitor is a Game Changer: How will you Compete to win and own your future?”

  • and more...

For Parents:


Parent Advocacy Academy Roundtable:

"New School Parenting for Old School Issues" Workshops 

  • Equipping parents with strategies and insights to advocate effectively for their children and navigate the complexities of modern parenting.


Super Powers Education for Parents - We Care! (Drug Awareness Trailer). Community Opioid Prevention Education (COPE) Trailer.


The ESSAY Writing Contest


We invite students to showcase their writing skills and thoughts on the theme: "The World is Shifting! Being Focus Forward is a Game Changer: How Will YOU Pursue Excellence?" Huge prizes await the winners in each age division! Submissions are due by the deadline listed below.

Essay Theme:
“Being a Competitor is a Game Changer: How will you Compete to win and own your future?”

Why is this vital to your home, school, and community success? Provide examples to allow you to achieve ultimate success as a Game Changer!"


Submission Deadline: Wednesday, April 10, 2024 at 11:59 pm.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Essays should be original work by the student.

  • Limit your essay to 300 words.

  • Complete all the fields on the submission form.

  • This essay is not mandatory to attend the conference, but it is highly encouraged.

Huge prizes await the winners in each age division (Elementary, Middle, and High School)! Winners will be recognized and will be required to read their essays to receive the award.

How to Submit:
Click here for the Essay submission form and include your essay in the appropriate field.


Sponsors & Partners

​The proud Co-Sponsors & Partners of the Game Changer Conference this year are—

Game Changer Conference founder, UCF Youth Development Organization, which celebrates “17 years” of promoting student success and “changing lives in the community one student at a time amongst at-promise youth,” proudly celebrates our 2023-2024 Co-Sponsors in its 12th year are—


  • Montgomery County Public Schools System, Office of Student and Family Support and Engagement 

  • Montgomery County Public School System, Office of Well-Being, Learning and Achievement.  

  • The Universities at Shady Grove

  • Quality Biological

  • Montgomery County Government, UCF Youth Organization partner and stakeholder for responsible, positive youth development since 2014.

  • Victim Rights Foundation, founded by Gregory Wims, a community activist who responded to the senseless killings of three Washington D.C. citizens. VRF celebrates 27 years and has raised $1 million dollars for victims of violent crimes since its inception.

  • The National Pan-Hellenic Council of Montgomery County (NPHC), is a collaborative umbrella organization composed of historically African-American Greek-lettered fraternities and sororities. The mission is to promote programs and initiatives to improve African American conditions from an academic, economic, health, social, and civic perspective. The NPHC organizations are sometimes collectively referred to as the “Divine Nine. 

The Ask: Make “Hope Happen” and be a "Helping Hand" to help get the word out to your circle of influence today:  Dads, Moms, Guardians, Mentors, Church Members, Youth Leaders, Coaches, family members, neighbors, cousins in another state, and anyone working directly with youth bring your student to this in-person transformational experience.

It is important more now than ever before to continue to invest in the community and work together to make a difference in the life of a child.   As students and community press through COVID post-pandemic let’s work to make “hope happen” to help families and students navigate this ever-changing society.    Mentoring Matters!

​YOUR ACTION: Register and Bring your young males for a life-changing experience!

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